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The Modern Caterer


Client: The Modern Caterer

Küla creative team: Lisa RobsonRoy McCarthy

We were conscious of not just chucking out the old logo for the sake of it, so we explored how something very similar to the existing logo could be developed as part of a new identity. We kept everything very close to the original, just adding a bit of weight to the MC symbol, replacing the M with one using the same font as used in the new logotype. The logotype uses the font 'Brown Alt', and has a feeling of simple, timeless solidity.


Typefaces: Brown Bold Alt. This is a strong, sans serif, upper case typeface with a very simple, modern appearance. It works well as part of the logotype and symbol, as well as being suitable for menu headings, brochure headings, wayfinding and other signage. We felt it provided a well balanced contrast to the typeface we've selected for the main text areas of the menus, business cards and letterhead.


American Typewriter. This font has all the hallmarks and vintage-looking flourishes you would expect of a classic typewriter font. We proposed using this typeface for the main text areas of the menus and publicity material, to give a youthful, independent feel to all literature. It works especially well as a menu font, giving menus a spontaneous, down to earth appearance, almost as if they've been individually typed out for the customer.


Menu Structure: The menus are held on wooden clipboards, so we created a layout that allows the customer to read the menu without unclipping each page, simply by allowing a generous area of space above the text. We designed the menu to occupy a number of pages, held one behind the other (one page per course). Special menu items, drinks and other non-standard dishes are displayed on A5 menus and held in front of the main menu. To differentiate each location's 'Specials' menu we used paper in the accent colour of that location.


The Modern Caterer: Logo 1

The Modern Caterer: Logo 1

The Modern Caterer: Logo 1

The Modern Caterer: Logo 1

The Modern Caterer: Logo 1

The Modern Caterer

The Modern Caterer