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LightNight at Camp And Furnace

Categories: Photography

Client: Exhibition curated in partnership with Open Culture / LOOK/15 Liverpool International Photography Festival / Camp And Furnace

Küla creative team: Zoë ByrneAb Badwi

Well, what can we say? Last night saw the unveiling of a body of work by one of Liverpool's unsung photography heroes, Ab Badwi. OK, we're a bit biased because he's our mate and a Küla creative team member, but if you get a chance to see his photos you'll realise we're right. From four in the afternoon until the doors closed at eleven we welcomed a steady stream of LightNighters to Camp And Furnace, to be captivated and amazed by Ab's black and white portrait photography. Last night's event was also attended by loads of friends and family, as well as plenty of photographers who turned up, camera in hand, to get a chance to talk to the man himself. The photographs in this set are by our very own Zoë Byrne (with the exception of one, which was taken by the renowned Liverpool photographer Francesco Mellina - see if you can work out which one it is).


The photographs in the exhibition date from 1980 to 1990, brought together under the title of Life Through The Lens Of Another. The earliest photos feature people Ab grew up knowing in the Granby Street area of Liverpool 8. At a time when the rest of the country was being fed a lie about L8 being a no-go area, Ab wanted to tell the real story of the people of Toxteth as a way of putting right this misconception.


Ab Badwi: Life Through The Lens Of Another


Life Through The Lens Of Another will be on display May 15th-31st at Camp And Furnace, Greenland Street, Liverpool. The exhibition opens as part of Light Night's annual cultural offering, as well as featuring in the LOOK/15 Liverpool International Photography Festival. More information about Open Culture, Light Night 2015, Camp and Furnace and LOOK/15 can be found on their respective websites.